Deaf Cats

Deaf Cats

The gorgeous beauty in the picture is Anastasia of South Woodford, E18; she suffers from congenital deafness, which is caused by degeneration of the inner ear. A lot of white cats can suffer from deafness. 

Anastasia is a challenge to look after, as her cat sitter, not because she is vicious, far from it, she is a sweetheart, but because communication with a deaf cat has it challenges!

Having worked with deaf people many many years ago, deaf cats and animals use the same triggers are humans. So, for example, when I walk into a room, I tap my foot on the floor firmly or flash the lights on and off, deaf cats, like humans feel the vibrations, and obviously see the lights.

However, like most, if not all cats, Anastasia enjoys a game of string, a brush and some fuss whilst I am cat sitting her.

If you have a cat like Anastasia who needs specialist care, then Pets Comfort can definitely help you out. Cat sitting difficult or special needs cats is never a problem, so do get in contact if you have a cat or pet that has special needs, we're more than happy and able to help.

We cover most parts of East London for cat sitting, which includes: 

E2 Bow, E5 Clapton, E5 Lower Clapton, E6 East Ham, E7 Forest Gate, E8 Hackney, E9 Homerton, E10 Leyton, Temple Mills, E11 Leytonstone, Wanstead, E12 Hackney, E13 Plaistow, E15 Stratford, E16 Newhaw, E17 Walthamstow, E18 South Woodford, E20 Stratford City